Which Postgraduate Courses does NSFAS Fund?

By | July 24, 2023

As of my last update in September 2021, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) in South Africa primarily focuses on providing financial assistance to undergraduate students from disadvantaged backgrounds. However, NSFAS has also expanded its support to include some postgraduate courses, albeit with certain limitations.

  1. Honours Degrees: NSFAS funds selected Honours degree courses for eligible students. To be considered, applicants must have completed their undergraduate degree and meet the NSFAS financial eligibility criteria. The availability of funding for Honours courses may vary from year to year based on NSFAS’s budget and priorities.
  2. Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE): NSFAS funds the PGCE qualification for students who wish to pursue a career in teaching. This postgraduate certificate is a one-year course designed to provide the necessary teaching qualifications for graduates.
  3. Master’s Degrees: NSFAS has recently expanded its funding to include certain Master’s degree programs in specific fields that are aligned with national priorities, such as education and the sciences. Funding for Master’s degrees is limited and subject to NSFAS’s discretion.
  4. Professional Qualifications: In some cases, NSFAS may fund certain professional qualifications or postgraduate diplomas in areas like accounting, engineering, social work, and nursing. These qualifications are often linked to critical skills needed in the country.
  5. Doctoral Degrees: While NSFAS primarily focuses on undergraduate funding, there have been discussions about expanding support to include Ph.D. (Doctoral) studies. However, as of my last update, funding for doctoral degrees was not widely available through NSFAS.

It’s important to note that NSFAS funding for postgraduate courses is limited and subject to the availability of funds. Priority is often given to undergraduate students due to the larger number of applicants in need of financial assistance. Additionally, the funding criteria may change over time based on NSFAS’s budget and government priorities.

If you are considering pursuing a postgraduate course and are in need of financial assistance, it is essential to check NSFAS’s official website or contact their offices directly to inquire about the current funding options available for postgraduate studies.

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