Top NSFAS Bursary Alternatives to Fund your Education

By | August 17, 2023

While the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) provides significant support for South African students, exploring alternative bursaries can also be a proactive approach to funding your education. Here are some top NSFAS bursary alternatives that can help you achieve your academic goals:

  1. Funza Lushaka Bursary Scheme: Aimed at aspiring teachers, the Funza Lushaka Bursary Scheme offers comprehensive bursaries to students pursuing a teaching qualification. This bursary covers tuition fees, accommodation, and a stipend in exchange for a commitment to teaching in a public school for the same duration as the bursary.
  2. Thuthuka Bursary Fund: Geared toward students pursuing a career in Chartered Accountancy, the Thuthuka Bursary Fund provides financial assistance for tuition fees, textbooks, and accommodation. It also includes academic support and mentoring to help students excel in their studies.
  3. Momentum Metropolitan Bursary: This corporate bursary caters to students in various fields, offering financial support and mentorship. Momentum Metropolitan Bursaries are particularly beneficial for students who demonstrate academic excellence and leadership potential.
  4. Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellowship: If you have entrepreneurial aspirations, this fellowship supports high school and university students by providing funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities. It’s a comprehensive program that nurtures future business leaders.
  5. South African Reserve Bank Bursary Scheme: Designed for students interested in fields related to the financial sector, this bursary covers tuition fees, accommodation, and a living allowance. It also includes vacation work and job placement opportunities at the Reserve Bank.
  6. Private Sector Bursaries: Many private companies and industries offer bursaries in fields like engineering, medicine, law, and more. Companies such as Sasol, Anglo American, and Investec provide financial assistance along with potential employment opportunities upon graduation.
  7. Provincial Government Bursaries: Various provincial governments offer bursaries to students who intend to study within their province. These bursaries often have specific criteria and benefits aligned with the province’s needs and industries.
  8. University-Specific Bursaries: Most universities offer their own bursaries and scholarships based on academic performance, financial need, and specific criteria. Research the bursaries offered by your chosen university to explore additional funding options.

In conclusion, while NSFAS is a prominent source of financial assistance, exploring alternative bursaries can further alleviate the financial burden of education. Each alternative bursary comes with its own eligibility criteria and benefits, so research and apply to those that align with your field of study and aspirations. Remember that proactive efforts in seeking funding alternatives can significantly contribute to realizing your educational goals.

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