Can You Have NSFAS And Other Bursaries?

By | August 17, 2023

The question of whether you can have both NSFAS funding and other bursaries is a common concern among students in South Africa. The answer to this question involves understanding the regulations and policies of both NSFAS and the specific bursaries you’re considering.

  1. NSFAS Regulations: NSFAS is designed to assist financially disadvantaged students in pursuing higher education. It considers a student’s financial need and academic performance. However, if you’re awarded additional bursaries, scholarships, or financial aid, these may impact your overall financial need assessment.
  2. Overlap Considerations: Some bursaries may have clauses that prevent recipients from concurrently receiving other forms of financial assistance. It’s essential to carefully read the terms and conditions of each bursary you’re awarded to determine if there are any restrictions on combining funds.
  3. Transparency: It’s crucial to be transparent with both NSFAS and the providers of other bursaries you’ve been awarded. If you’re in a situation where you’ve been awarded multiple forms of financial aid, make sure to inform both parties to ensure compliance with their respective regulations.
  4. Funding Limitations: There might be limitations on the total amount of financial aid a student can receive from various sources. These limitations are often put in place to ensure equitable distribution of available funds.
  5. Communication: If you’re uncertain about whether you can combine NSFAS funding with other bursaries, it’s advisable to communicate with both NSFAS and the providers of the other bursaries. Clear communication can help you understand any potential conflicts and ensure you’re adhering to the rules of all funding sources.

In conclusion, the possibility of having both NSFAS funding and other bursaries depends on the policies and terms of each funding source. While some combinations may be allowed, others might have restrictions. To make informed decisions and avoid potential issues, it’s crucial to thoroughly review the terms and conditions of all your funding sources and communicate openly with the relevant parties.

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