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By | January 9, 2023

Gweru Polytechnic is a public higher learning institution located in Gweru, Zimbabwe. It was established in 1957 as Gweru Technical School, and later upgraded to a college of applied arts and sciences in 1983. It was later upgraded to a polytechnic in 2002.

The polytechnic has a wide range of academic and professional programmes at both diploma and certificate level. These include engineering and technology, business studies, applied sciences, computer studies, and arts and social sciences.

The polytechnic is committed to quality assurance in teaching and learning, and has established partnerships with various organizations and institutions in order to ensure that its programmes are up to date and relevant to the needs of the industry.

The polytechnic has a vibrant student community and provides a wide range of support services to its students. These include a library, a student centre, a health centre, and a sports centre. The polytechnic also provides student accommodation for those who require it.

Gweru Polytechnic is also involved in community outreach programmes and provides technical support to the local community. It has also set up a student entrepreneurship centre which provides mentorship and business support to students.

Gweru Polytechnic is accredited by the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education, and is a member of the Association of Polytechnics in Zimbabwe. It is also accredited by the Zimbabwe National Qualifications Authority (ZNQA), and is recognised by the Zimbabwe Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education.

Gweru Polytechnic is committed to excellence in teaching and learning, and is dedicated to providing a quality education to its students. It is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to learning and the development of its students.

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