uz august 2022 accepted students

By | January 10, 2023

Uz August 2022 Accepted Students

The University of Zimbabwe (UZ) has announced that the list of accepted students for the August 2022 intake is now available. All the students who applied to study at UZ for the August 2022 academic year can now check their admission status.

UZ is one of the top universities in Zimbabwe and is renowned for its excellent academic standards. It has a variety of faculties and departments, and students can choose from a multitude of courses to pursue their educational goals. This year, UZ has accepted a total of 5,000 students, out of which 3,500 are studying under the undergraduate programme and 1,500 under the postgraduate programme.

The students who have been accepted to UZ are those who have met the university’s stringent admission requirements. UZ has set a high bar for admission, which includes a minimum grade of C in all the subjects in the Zimbabwe School Certificate of Education (ZSCE). Additionally, applicants must have achieved a minimum of 50% in at least three subjects in the ZSCE.

The accepted students will now have to pay the required fees and complete the registration process in order to be officially enrolled at UZ. The university has also put in place a system to ensure that the fees are paid on time and in full. This will help the university keep track of the payments and ensure that all the accepted students have the necessary resources to achieve their academic goals.

UZ is also offering several scholarship opportunities for the accepted students. These scholarships are available for those who have excelled academically and shown outstanding potential to pursue higher education.

UZ is one of the best universities in Zimbabwe and provides a great opportunity for students to pursue their educational dreams. All the accepted students should make the most of this opportunity and strive to reach their academic goals.

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