unam mature age online application 2023

By | January 7, 2023

The University of Namibia (UNAM) is inviting applications from mature age candidates for its Mature Age Online Application for the 2023 intake. This is an opportunity for individuals aged 23 and above to pursue their higher education dreams, regardless of their age.

The UNAM Mature Age Online Application is open to individuals who have not previously applied to the University or have been declined previously. The application process is open to all Namibians, as well as international students.

The application process requires applicants to submit a completed online application form, copies of their identity document, a detailed CV and other relevant documents. In addition, applicants will be required to provide evidence of their academic qualifications and any other relevant documents.

Once the application form is submitted, applicants will be invited for an interview. The interview will assess the individual’s academic qualifications and other criteria, such as their maturity, motivation and commitment.

The successful applicants will be enrolled for the academic year 2023, pending the availability of space.

Applicants are encouraged to apply early to increase their chances of being accepted. Applicants should also ensure that all documents are in order, as incomplete applications will not be considered.

The University of Namibia is committed to providing equal access to higher education to all Namibians, regardless of age. This Mature Age Online Application is an excellent opportunity for those who have not had the opportunity to pursue tertiary education in the past.

The University of Namibia is committed to providing quality education to all its students, regardless of their background or circumstances. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to pursue their dreams of obtaining a higher education.

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