St Peters Kubatana Training College Admissions

By | March 23, 2022

St Peters Kubatana Industrial Training College Admissions

St. Peter’s Kubatana in Glen Norah, Zimbabwe, includes both a secondary school and technical vocational training. It is situated in a suburb of Harare, and was founded by the Society of Jesus in 1963.

In 1963 the Jesuit parish in the present Mbare area of Harare opened St. Peter’s Community Secondary School (SPCSS) for students in poverty.

The high school has, by one account, been ranked as fourth best high school in Harare

St. Peter’s Kubatana Training Centre in Highfield, Harare, has launched an arts and culture programme and helps students to pursue arts as a career. It also assists local artists with further training and offers space for work and for exhibitions. The technical school at St. Peter’s Kubatana has has expanded to include welding, sewing, motor mechanics, automobile and mechanical engineering, construction and civil engineering, and woodworking. St. Peter’s is also a part of a UN effort to strengthen vocational and technical education in Zimbabwe

St Peters Kubatana Industrial Training College Overview

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