salary increment for updf 2022

By | January 8, 2023

The Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) is set to receive a salary increment for the year 2022. The government has approved the new salary structure, which will take effect from the beginning of the New Year.

The raise in salaries is part of the government’s commitment to improve the welfare of the armed forces, whose members have been praised for their bravery and dedication in defending the country.

According to the government, the salary increment will be in line with the cost of living, taking into account the inflation rate in the country. It is also expected to help the UPDF members meet the increasing costs of essential commodities.

The new salary structure will affect all UPDF members, from rank and file to the highest ranking officers. The salary increment will be the first in three years, and is expected to be welcomed by the UPDF personnel.

The salary increment will be implemented in phases. The first phase will involve a 5% increase in the salaries of all UPDF personnel. This will be followed by a 10% increase in the second phase and a 15% increase in the third phase.

The government has also proposed a number of other benefits for UPDF personnel, including an increase in housing allowances and travel allowances. This is expected to help the members of the armed forces manage their expenses and improve their quality of life.

The salary increment is also expected to encourage more people to join the UPDF, as the improved salary and benefits package is expected to make the armed forces a more attractive career option.

Overall, the salary increment for the UPDF personnel is expected to be a welcome boost to their morale and welfare. It is hoped that this will help the UPDF continue its dedication to protecting and defending the people of Uganda.

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