nust graduation 2022

By | January 15, 2023

NUST Graduation 2022: A Milestone for the University

NUST is a leading university in Pakistan with a rich history of almost two decades of excellence in academics and research. This year, the university is all set to celebrate its graduation ceremony for the year 2022. The event is expected to be a grand affair with several dignitaries, alumni, and students gracing the occasion.

The commencement of the graduation ceremony will be marked by the traditional academic procession and the traditional ‘March of the Graduates’. During the procession, the graduating students will be led into the main hall of the university. This will be followed by the commencement address by the Vice-Chancellor of the university. He will be joined by other dignitaries and members of the faculty for the ceremony.

After the commencement ceremony, the students will receive their degrees and diplomas. They will then be required to move to the stage to receive their degrees from the Vice-Chancellor and the other dignitaries. After the presentation of the degrees, the students will be allowed to take pictures with their families and friends.

The graduation ceremony will be a milestone for the university. It will signify the culmination of all the hard work and dedication of the students, faculty, and staff of NUST. The university will also be celebrating the success of its students, faculty, and staff who have worked hard to make the university great.

The university will also be recognizing the achievements of its alumni and will be awarding several medals and awards. These awards will be given to the students who have excelled in academics, extra-curricular activities, and research.

The commencement of the graduation ceremony will also be marked by the unveiling of a new logo for the university. This logo will be a representation of the spirit of NUST and will serve as a reminder of its commitment to excellence.

The graduation ceremony will be an important event for the university and its alumni. It will also be a great opportunity for the university to show its appreciation for the hard work and dedication of its students, faculty, and staff. The university looks forward to having a successful graduation ceremony and wishes all the best to its graduates for the future.

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