navachab gold mine vacancies

By | January 10, 2023

Navachab Gold Mine is located in the Karibib region of Namibia, and is the only gold producing mine in the country. It is owned by QKR Namibia, a subsidiary of the international gold mining company, QKR Corporation. The mine is located on the Navachab farm and began production in 1984.

The Navachab Gold Mine is one of the biggest employers in the region, providing over 700 jobs for the local community. The mine is looking for skilled and experienced individuals to fill various vacancies, ranging from entry-level to senior positions.

The mine is looking for motivated individuals with the right qualifications and experience to fill positions in the following areas:

• Underground mining: This involves mining beneath the surface using various methods such as open stoping and long-hole mining.

• Plant operations: This involves the operation, maintenance and repair of the mine’s processing plant, which is used to extract gold from ore.

• Earthworks: This involves earthworks activities related to the construction and maintenance of roads and other infrastructure at the mine.

• Engineering: This includes the maintenance and repair of the mine’s equipment and machinery.

• Logistics: This includes the transportation of personnel, materials and equipment to and from the mine.

• Administration: This includes the management of personnel, including payroll, purchasing and other administrative duties.

• Geology: This includes the exploration, mapping and sampling of geological features at the mine.

• Health and Safety: This includes the implementation and maintenance of safety procedures at the mine, including risk assessments and emergency response.

• Human Resources: This includes the recruitment and training of personnel, as well as the management of employee relations.

The mine is also looking for individuals with experience in the following areas:

• Mining: This includes the operation, maintenance and repair of the mine’s equipment and machinery.

• Surveying: This includes the surveying of the ground at the mine to ensure that the ore is mined in a safe and efficient manner.

• Metallurgy: This involves the analysis of the ore to determine its composition and the best methods for extracting gold.

• Environmental: This includes the management of the mine’s environmental impact, including waste management and reclamation.

There are also some non-technical vacancies available at the mine, such as catering, security and janitorial staff.

The mine offers competitive salaries and benefits packages, as well as a safe and secure working environment. The mine is committed to providing equal opportunities for all employees.

If you are interested in applying for a position at the Navachab Gold Mine, you can submit your CV and cover letter to the Human Resources department. You can also visit the mine’s website for more information on current vacancies and to apply online.

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