Mutare Teachers College Enrolment 2023/2024

By | March 23, 2022

Mutare Teachers College Enrolment Deadline 2023/2024

Mutare Teachers College Enrolment 2023/2024; See Details of Mutare Teachers College Enrolment 2023/2024

Mutare Teachers College Enrolment 2023/2024

To provide an effective system for the production of competent secondary school teachers who can withstand global competitiveness.

To be 
a leading teacher education institute which guarantees Zimbabwe as a leader in the production of adaptive, innovative and creative teachers.

 To run an effective quality teacher education system geared towards the development and production of human capital for sustenance and growth of the economy of Zimbabwe.

Find Mutare Teachers College Enrolment Statistic 2023/2024

 2.1 CLASS OF JAN 2016-17  235  145  380
 3.1 CLASS OF JAN 2016-18  116  190  306
3.2 CLASS OF 2015-17 102 172 274
2.2 CLASS OF 2015-16 192 169 361
3.3 CLASS OF 2014-16 116 265 381
GRAND TOTAL 761 941 1702


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