msu accepted students 2022

By | January 10, 2023

The Michigan State University (MSU) recently announced the acceptance of students for the 2022 academic year. This is great news for students who plan to attend MSU next year and are looking forward to experiencing college life in the vibrant city of East Lansing.

The admissions process for MSU 2022 was highly competitive, with a total of 7,071 freshman applications received. Out of those applications, 4,957 students were accepted for the 2022 academic year. This includes both in-state and out-of-state students.

The average GPA of the accepted class of 2022 is 3.85. This is higher than the average GPA of the previous year’s accepted class, which was 3.74. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students who applied to MSU.

MSU also accepted a diverse group of students into the 2022 class. This includes students from all over the world, representing countries such as India, Bangladesh, China, and Indonesia. Additionally, the class of 2022 includes students from all 50 states.

When it comes to the majors that the accepted students plan to pursue, the most popular choices include pre-med, engineering, business, and psychology. MSU is home to some of the best programs in the country for these majors, so it’s no surprise that they are the most popular choices among incoming students.

Finally, the acceptance rate for 2022 was 67%, which is down slightly from the acceptance rate of 68% in 2021. This is still a very impressive rate and shows that MSU is becoming increasingly more selective.

Overall, the acceptance of the class of 2022 is an exciting time for MSU and East Lansing. The incoming class is sure to bring a lot of talent and diversity to the university, and we are looking forward to seeing what they achieve in the coming years.

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