midlands state university programmes 2022 pdf

By | January 8, 2023

Midlands State University (MSU) is a leading public university in Zimbabwe, offering a range of high-quality academic programmes. The university is committed to providing its students with an education based on academic excellence, innovation, and critical thinking. MSU offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional programmes in areas such as business, science and technology, and the arts and humanities.

MSU has released its 2022 academic year programme guide, which contains the latest information on its range of programmes. The guide provides an overview of the programmes offered by the university, their entry requirements, and the cost of tuition and other fees. It also includes detailed information on the different facilities and activities available at the university campus.

The guide includes a list of all the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes available at MSU. These programmes are divided into categories such as business, economics and finance, engineering, health sciences, humanities, law, and science and technology. Each of these categories contains a range of programmes such as bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and postgraduate diplomas.

The guide also provides information on the admission requirements for each programme. This includes a minimum entry grade, English language proficiency, and any other relevant qualifications or experience. It also outlines the steps needed to apply for admission to the university, including the submission of all necessary documents.

The guide also outlines the tuition and other fees associated with each programme. This includes the cost of tuition and other fees such as accommodation, meals, and travel expenses. It also provides information on the availability of financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

Finally, the guide provides information on the university’s facilities and activities. This includes details of the library, sports facilities, and other student services. It also provides information on how to contact the relevant departments of the university.

The programme guide can be downloaded from the university’s website in PDF format. It is an essential resource for anyone considering studying at MSU in 2022.

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