mature age entry 2022/2023

By | January 7, 2023

The term ‘mature age entry’ refers to students who commence a tertiary education course or program after having completed secondary school. Typically, mature age entrants will be aged 21 or older and will have been out of the education system for some time.

In 2022/2023, mature age entry is becoming increasingly popular as more adults are looking to pursue further education and training. This is due to a variety of factors, such as an ageing population, changing employment trends and increased accessibility of educational opportunities.

Mature age entry can offer several advantages to students. Firstly, mature age students tend to have more life experience and a greater level of maturity than their younger peers. This can provide them with an advantage when it comes to understanding the material and being able to engage in class discussions. Furthermore, mature age entry can also provide an opportunity for those who have been out of the education system to gain additional qualifications and skills that can be beneficial in their current career or desired future career.

When considering mature age entry, there are a few things that prospective students should consider. Firstly, they should be aware of any entry requirements that may be in place, such as having a certain level of qualifications or a certain level of work experience. Additionally, they should consider the type of course or program they wish to pursue and the various financial and educational support services available to them.

Mature age entry can be a fantastic opportunity for those who wish to pursue further education and training. It can provide an opportunity for them to gain the necessary qualifications and skills to pursue their desired career and provide them with a new perspective on life. However, it is important that prospective students do their research and understand the entry requirements and support services available to them before making a decision about pursuing mature age entry.

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