laikipia university timetable

By | January 8, 2023

Laikipia University Timetable

Laikipia University is a public university located in Laikipia County, Kenya. It was established in 1985 as a constituent college of the University of Nairobi, before becoming an independent university in 2013. The University offers a wide range of courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The University runs a semester system, with each semester comprising of 15 weeks. A study week is usually held at the end of each semester to allow students to catch up on their studies. The examination period usually begins after the study week and lasts for two weeks.

The University has a comprehensive timetable for each semester, which is available on its website. The timetable outlines the courses offered, their duration, and the days they are offered. It also lists the lecture and tutorial times and venues.

In order to ensure that all students are able to access the courses they need, the University operates a system of staggered timetables. This means that some courses may be offered on different days of the week in order to accommodate the needs of different students.

The University also runs a night school program, which offers courses in the evenings. These courses are offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and the times and venues are listed in the timetable.

The University also provides students with an online timetable, which is available on its website. The online timetable allows students to plan their studies and access the courses they need. It also contains information about the exam dates, so that students can prepare for their exams.

Laikipia University strives to provide its students with a comprehensive and flexible timetable, so that they can access the courses they need in order to complete their studies. The University also provides its students with an online timetable, which makes it easier for them to plan their studies and access the courses they need.

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