jimma university weekend program

By | January 9, 2023

Jimma University Weekend Program is an innovative student-led initiative that provides students with an opportunity to participate in various activities and events on the weekend. The program encourages students to engage in fun, educational, and rewarding activities while also providing them with the opportunity to connect with other students.

The program was established in 2014 as an effort to bring together students from different departments and backgrounds to engage in meaningful activities that have the potential to help them develop skills and knowledge. The program has been designed and implemented with the goal of providing students with an opportunity to take advantage of their weekends and enjoy themselves in a safe and secure environment.

The program consists of a variety of activities and events, including sports, art, music, and entertainment. Students can choose from a wide variety of activities, such as football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and swimming, as well as art and music workshops, movie screenings, and more. There are also organized trips to places of interest in and around Jimma, such as historical sites, art galleries, and other tourist attractions.

The program also provides students with the opportunity to develop their leadership and organizational skills by taking part in various events and activities, such as organizing charity events, volunteering at local shelters, and organizing campus activities. Moreover, the program also encourages students to take advantage of the wide range of resources that the university offers, such as its library and career services.

The program is open to all students from Jimma University and is free of charge. It is also open to the public, allowing members of the local community to participate in the activities and events. The program is funded by donations from various entities, including the university, local businesses, and philanthropic organizations.

The Jimma University Weekend Program has been a great success since its launch, with students from all across the university participating in the various activities and events. It has provided students with an opportunity to engage in activities that are educational, entertaining, and rewarding, while also connecting them to other students and members of the local community.

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