By | January 9, 2023

Harare Polytechnic is one of Zimbabwe’s premier institutions of higher learning. It is located in the capital city of Harare and is a public, multi-campus institution. It is the largest of the seven polytechnics in the country and has been providing top-notch education and training to the citizens of Zimbabwe since its establishment in 1954.

Harare Polytechnic offers a range of courses and qualifications from certificate to diploma and degree level. The institution also offers short courses and apprenticeships. It has seven departments: Applied Sciences, Business Studies, Engineering, Nutrition and Dietetics, Information Technology, Tourism and Hospitality Management and Transport and Logistics.

The institution has a strong commitment to the development of a highly skilled and knowledgeable population in Zimbabwe. It offers a wide range of programmes designed to meet the needs of the Zimbabwean economy. The institution is well-known for its quality assurance programmes, and provides advanced and modern facilities to ensure its students have the best possible learning experience.

The library at Harare Polytechnic is one of its most prized assets, with an extensive collection of books, journals, magazines and newspapers, as well as access to online resources. The library also houses a computer laboratory which is equipped with modern computers and software to help students with their studies.

Harare Polytechnic has a reputation for excellence and is highly respected in the Zimbabwean education sector. It has a strong commitment to providing quality education and training and has established links with other institutions of higher learning in the country. The institution also provides a range of employment opportunities to its graduates, ensuring they have the necessary skills to succeed in their chosen fields.

Harare Polytechnic is a great place to pursue higher education in Zimbabwe. It offers a wide range of courses, excellent facilities and a strong commitment to providing quality education. It is a great choice for those who wish to pursue higher studies in the country.

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