haramaya university sponsorship letter form pdf

By | January 9, 2023

Haramaya University is a public research university located in Ethiopia. Founded in 1954 as a college of agriculture, it has since expanded to include faculties of medicine, education, business, law, and other academic disciplines. For international students looking to study at the university, a sponsorship letter form is required. The sponsorship letter form PDF is a document that must be completed and submitted by any individual or organization that wishes to sponsor an international student for studies at Haramaya University.

The sponsorship letter form PDF is an 8-page document, available in English and Amharic. It contains information about the sponsor and the student’s background and academic qualifications, as well as details about the proposed program of study. It also includes a section for the sponsor to provide a financial statement or other documents demonstrating their ability to provide the necessary support for the student’s studies. Finally, it contains a signed affidavit that the sponsor will support the student financially during their studies at Haramaya University.

The sponsorship letter form PDF is an important document, as it provides assurance to the university that the student will be financially supported throughout their studies. It is also used to assess the student’s academic qualifications, and to evaluate the proposed program of study, so it’s important that all the information is accurate and up to date.

In order to submit the sponsorship letter form PDF, the sponsor must first fill out the ‘Sponsor Information’ section and then print the form. They must then sign and date the form, as well as attach any required documents, such as a financial statement. The form should then be sent to the university’s Admissions Office, along with the student’s application and other required documents.

The sponsorship letter form PDF is an essential part of the process for any international student looking to study at Haramaya University. It is important to ensure that all the information is accurate and up to date, and that all the required documents are included. By doing so, the student can be assured of a smooth and successful application process.

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