haramaya university research guideline pdf

By | January 9, 2023

Haramaya University Research Guideline PDF is a comprehensive guide that outlines the research process and requirements for research projects carried out at Haramaya University. It is a vital tool for research students, faculty and staff to ensure that research projects conducted at the university meet the strict quality standards set by the university.

The guideline includes a detailed description of the university’s research process, from the proposal stage to the project completion. It outlines the research proposal process and the submission requirements, including the need to obtain approval from the university’s Research Ethics Committee. It also outlines the responsibilities of researchers, faculty and staff throughout the research process.

The guideline covers a range of topics related to research, such as research design, data collection, data analysis, presentation of research findings and the writing of research reports. It also provides information on the university’s research funding guidelines and the need to obtain approval for research projects from the university’s Research Council.

In addition to outlining the research process and requirements, the guideline also provides information on research ethics, copyright and intellectual property rights, and the need to adhere to the university’s research publication guidelines. The guideline also includes a list of relevant academic journals and other publications which can be used to publish research results.

The guideline is an essential document for all Haramaya University researchers, faculty and staff. It provides a comprehensive overview of the research process and requirements at the university and helps to ensure that research projects are conducted in accordance with the university’s quality standards. It is also a valuable resource for research students as it helps them to understand the research process and ensure they follow the guidelines and requirements set by the university.

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