gulu university graduation list 2022

By | January 10, 2023

Gulu University is a public university located in the Northern Region of Uganda. It was established in 2004 and was the first university established in the Northern Region of the country. Every year, Gulu University holds its annual graduation ceremony to celebrate the achievements of its graduates. The graduation list for 2022 has recently been released, highlighting the outstanding students who have achieved their degrees from the university.

The Gulu University graduation list for 2022 includes a total of 1,400 students who have achieved their degrees. The list includes graduates from various courses across the university, including Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes. The graduation list also includes students who have achieved diplomas, certificates and other qualifications.

The graduation list was released by the University’s Academic Registrar, Professor Robert Okello. In his statement, he congratulated all the successful students in their achievements, and said that the University was proud of them. He further added that the University is committed to providing quality education and training to its students and that they will continue to do so in the future.

The graduation list for 2022 has been welcomed by the students, staff, and alumni of Gulu University. Many students have expressed their joy and excitement for the upcoming ceremony and for the opportunity to celebrate their success. Graduates have also expressed their gratitude to the University for providing them with the best education and training.

The graduation ceremony for 2022 will be held in June, and will be attended by dignitaries from around the country. The university has also announced that it will be providing scholarships and grants to selected graduates to help them pursue their future studies and careers.

Gulu University is one of the most prestigious universities in Uganda, and its graduation list for 2022 reflects the hard work and dedication of its students. The graduates are a testament to the University’s commitment to providing quality education and training, and the university is proud of their achievements.

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