fees for short courses at evelyn hone college

By | January 9, 2023

Evelyn Hone College is one of the leading private colleges in Zambia, located in the city of Lusaka. The college offers a variety of short courses in various disciplines, ranging from business to science and technology. These courses are designed to give students the skills and knowledge needed to enter the job market or pursue further studies.

The fees for these short courses vary depending on the length and type of course. For example, a one-week certificate course in business studies may cost around ZMK 3,000 (approx. $150), while a three-week diploma course in accounting may cost ZMK 8,000 (approx. $400). However, discounts are available for students who wish to take multiple courses.

The college also offers scholarship opportunities for those who may not be able to afford the fees. These scholarships cover a portion of the tuition fees, or in some cases, the entire cost of the course. Students can apply for the scholarships online through the college’s website.

Evelyn Hone College also offers discounts to students who pay their fees in full at the start of the course. In addition, payment plans and installment options are also available.

Overall, Evelyn Hone College offers a wide range of short courses at affordable prices. The college also provides financial assistance and payment plans to help students afford their tuition fees. With all these options, students are sure to find a course that fits their budget and needs.

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