egerton university 45th graduation

By | January 10, 2023

Egerton University held its 45th graduation ceremony recently, a milestone for the institution in the Kenyan higher education landscape. In attendance were the University’s Chancellor, His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Rose Mwonya, dignitaries from the government, development partners, the university’s alumni, members of staff and the graduating students.

The graduation ceremony was a celebration of the graduating students’ hard work and commitment to their studies, and marked the end of their journey to securing their degrees.

The Chancellor, President Uhuru Kenyatta, commended the graduating students for completing their studies and encouraged them to take the knowledge and skills acquired during their time at Egerton University and use them to positively contribute to the development of the country. He further encouraged them to be agents of change by making a positive contribution to their communities and nation.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Rose Mwonya, in her address to the graduates acknowledged the hard work and sacrifices made by the students and members of staff in order to make the university a success. She further encouraged the students to use the knowledge they had acquired at the university to find innovative solutions to the problems facing the country.

The graduation ceremony was also an opportunity to recognize the outstanding students who had excelled during their studies. Awards were presented to the top students in each of the faculties, as well as the overall best student of the university.

The 45th graduation ceremony was a milestone for Egerton University, and will be remembered by the students, staff and alumni for years to come. The university will continue to strive to provide quality education and training to its students, and to produce graduates who will make a positive contribution to the country.

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