Chinhoyi University Mathematics Department

By | March 17, 2022

Chinhoyi University of Technology Mathematics Department

Chinhoyi University Mathematics Department;


The Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Mathematics prepares the student in logical analysis, deductions, and calculations within patterns and structures. It is a relevant tool in the development of the natural science theories and does provide the theory and methodology for analysis for a wide range of varieties of data. The Programme has a year of work-related learning and professional grooming. The first and second year courses cover minimum body of knowledge in pure and applied Mathematics. In the fourth year, there are majors reflecting the research expertise and interests of the staff giving students an opportunity to choose an area of focus in their studies. Dedicated and professional staff in the Department is ready and willing to guide the student in the Programme.

By choosing to study with us you will be able to

  • Think scientifically
  • Demonstrate a strong foundation in diverse fields of Mathematics
  • Display considerable appreciation of current developments and knowledge gaps in your major field of study
  • Engage in Mathematics ventures for wealth creation
  • Communicate effectively through written or oral mathematical arguments
  • Apply relevant techniques mathematical to solve real world problems
  • Demonstrate information technology skills as well as time and personal management
  • Pursue postgraduate studies in Mathematics and other fields


Numerical analysis and problem solving skills are inherent in this Programme, therefore graduates from this Department will find relevance as: data analysts, bio-mathematicians, climate analysts, researchers, educators, actuaries, research mathematicians, inventory strategists, merchant bankers, entrepreneurs, and strategic advisers.

Work placements/international opportunities

The student has an exciting opportunity in the third year of study to be absorbed by industry and commerce undertaking work related learning and receiving professional grooming.


At least 5 passes at ‘O’ Level inclusive of English and Mathematics

‘A’ level pass in Mathematics and at least one of the following “A” level subjects;

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Physics


Mathematics Department
+263(0)6722203Ext 126

Course Synopsis

Coming soon

Master of Philosophy in Mathematics

Entry Requirements:

  • A good MSc. Or BSc. Degree



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