catholic university graduation 2022

By | January 10, 2023

As the Catholic University Class of 2022 prepares to graduate, it’s an exciting time for students, faculty, and families alike. Graduation is a long-awaited milestone that brings a sense of accomplishment and pride to the entire university community. This year, the Catholic University Class of 2022 will celebrate their graduation on May 23, 2022.

The commencement ceremony will be held outdoors, under the stars, in the university’s Main Quad. All students graduating in 2022 will be invited to participate in the formal ceremony, where they will be presented with their diplomas and officially recognized as graduates. The ceremony will begin at 7 PM and will feature a procession of the graduating class, a keynote address, and a symbolic passing of the torch from the current senior class to the incoming freshmen.

Before the commencement ceremony, there will also be a variety of events and activities to celebrate the Class of 2022. In the weeks and months leading up to graduation, students will be able to take part in a number of special events, including a Senior Week celebration, a Senior Banquet, and a Senior Send-Off. These events will give graduating seniors the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments and reflect on their time at Catholic University.

The week prior to the commencement ceremony will be especially exciting for the Class of 2022. During this time, students will be preparing for the ceremony by participating in special activities that will bring the entire university together. These activities will include the Senior Walk, a processional of the graduating class across the campus, and the Senior Class Giving Ceremony, where graduating seniors will have the opportunity to make a symbolic donation to the university.

On the day of the ceremony, the Main Quad will be filled with energy and pride as the Class of 2022 celebrates their accomplishments. During the ceremony, graduating seniors will hear inspiring words from university officials, faculty, and special guests. They will also be presented with their diplomas and officially recognized as graduates.

After the ceremony, the Class of 2022 will be welcomed into the alumni community with a special reception and dinner. This event will provide graduating seniors with an opportunity to spend time with their peers and celebrate their success.

The Class of 2022 at Catholic University will no doubt look back fondly on the memories they’ve made and the accomplishments they’ve achieved during their time at the university. As they prepare to graduate, they can take pride in knowing that they’re part of a diverse and vibrant community of alumni that will continue to shape the future of the university.

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